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Hunting that Makes Scents

Scent Shooters

Scent Shooters are the must have item for every hunter out there! Light weight and portable, they bring the game to your shooting lane by filling the air with an attractant or masking you with a cover scent. They are designed to atomize your chosen Stag Scent aroma liquid into a fine mist.


As an attractant, it piques the curiosity of game for miles. Pop in a cover scent to make you as stealthy as the big buck you want mounted on your wall. Grab extra scents today for all your hunting needs.

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Cover Scent

Deep Woods
This highly aromatic wood is commonly found in the natural environment so as not to alert the game of your presence. Whether you are in the deer stand or tree stand, keep nearby to mask your scent from game’s sense of smell. BONUS: It repels mosquitos and other insects.

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Instinct Scents

**Instinct scents work best when scent shooter is near the shooting lane where the deer will be lined in your sights. We like about 100 yards but to each their own!**

Dinner Bell

Deer near and far smell this sweet acorn scent and come running as if the dinner bell was rung.

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Bow Chicka Wow Wow!

The scent no buck can resist. Developed to be indistinguishable from natural doe urine in peak of season. **Do not use this scent near your hide or the buck will be more up close and personal than you actually want.

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